Tools and Methods
Tools and Methods

QAI will visit potential clients at their business premises to discuss the perceived problems or specific requirements. This is non-chargeable.

2. On confirming that QAI can assist, one of two approaches will be taken:

  • Where perceived problems are the issue, a comprehensive review of the company's operations will be undertaken to clearly define those parts of the operation that are functioning correctly and those which require attention.
  • A short report will then be issued which will cover the problems found, recommendations on rectification, conclusions of the findings and the cost of the QAI input.

3. Where a specific requirement is desired, a quick review and documentation of the current situation will be undertaken and reported on.

4. A meeting will then be convened to map out:

  • A time frame for the assignement.
  • A detailed plan of implementation including 'mile stones' of deliverables.
  • Each QAI visit will have specific deliverables as outcomes. The achieving of the outcomes are agreed by both QAI and the client and are 'signed off' on completion