Consultancy Services Include:



Operational, supply chain & service efficiency improvement
Our consultants are firstly qualified in various engineering disciplines and have gained a wealth of experience, at operational and management levels, in developing processes and / or services to deliver the maximum efficiencies. In this type of environment, the results of our input will ensure that the savings gained by the client are far greater than the fees paid for the assignment.



Design & implementation of systems
to meet the requirement of various standards and regulations e.g. ISO, OSH, HACCP, GMP etc.
Our consultants have many years experience in working with and understanding the requirements of, the various standards and regulations that all companies must comply with to some degree. We have an enviable track record in designing systems and / or adopting existing systems to ensure formal compliance is achieved.



Standards Compliance (eg – Environmental, Sustainability, OSH, ISO etc)
Providing the Training, Tools and Processes to ensure Compliance to the various standards relating to Environmental, Sustainability, Food Safety, OSH and other regulations and issues.



Business Process Review and Mapping

Quality Associates can provide qualified and experienced business analysts to provide detailed business process review and mapping.

Our Business Process Review and mapping (BPR) tools can be included in a packaged consultancy to provide the basis for Business Process Management.



Franchise advice, formation & documentation.

Franchising has become a preferred method of expanding a company's operation with little cost or risk.

QAI will advise as to whether franchising is the best option, undertake a feasibility study to determine the cost effectiveness and, if franchising is the preferred option, develop the necessary systems and documentation to manage it.



Technical & process documentation (including updating to the ISO 9001-2000), using MAVIM

We have been engaged by a number of clients to take their existing ISO systems and documentation and simplify them to bring them into line with how the companies 'actually' prefer to operate. (Up-dating to the ISO 9001-2000 Standard is an opportune time to do this). This then usually leads on to QAI being engaged to undertake the internal audit, corrective action, and management review reporting responsibility. (Refer to the system auditing section).

Mavim Rules software plays a vital role in the management of compliance and information demands. Essentially, Mavim un-clutters the clutter. With Mavim Rules software, you can organise all your information from general resources and manuals, to business policies and procedures, at the same time providing a visual representation of the flow of information.

Mavim supports businesses with the following challenges….
1. Lower the costs of auditing
2. Increase profitability and client satisfaction.
3. Reduce your employee training time and costs
4. Provide easy access to company information
5. Store knowledge for continuity of service

More on Mavim:



System auditing

QAI will undertake to provided auditing services as follows:

• Undertaking the internal auditing process of companies ISO / OSH / HACCP / GMP etc. systems.
• Undertake the auditing of a companies suppliers / sub-contractors to ensure they comply with their own systems.



IT & e-commerce system evaluation
QAI will undertake a review of a company's status with regard to their ability achieve 'business to customer' or 'business to business' electronic trading.



Company commercialisation

Many individuals 'drift' into working for themselves without the necessary skills to set up a company to operate effectively and efficiently. They lack the system knowledge and personal discipline to be effective in their market place.

QAI will advise, mentor and develop the necessary systems to operate effectively with regard to accounting, planning and scheduling, customer / client contracts, sales & marketing, patent/trademark protection and efficient operational practices and also highlighting the 'pit falls' encountered by new enterprises.



Training programmes
As part of the overall service offered by QAI, we highly recommend that all personnel be trained and coached in any new or existing operations, which they will be responsible for as result of the changes made by QAI's input. We will design training programmes, to be conducted in-house, which can be used either with or without the input of QAI.