Advanced Task Force Ltd was formed in 1985 to provide consultancy services to the manufacturing and services Industries. The Company gained success with a number of organisations-undertaking a variety of assignments with operations such as Lion Breweries and Ackmead Holdings.

With the advent of the ISO Quality Standard in 1987, the company saw an opportunity to deliver its message of quality and efficiency using the ISO Standard as a base model. It was decided that to do this, the company should re-brand itself and so, Quality Associates International (NZ) Ltd was born.

The company has since increased its client base, taking in virtually all manufacturing and service industries ranging in size from two of the top five accounting companies, the largest New Zealand manufacturing and process company down to the 'one man band' operations.

The company has operated in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, with offices in Auckland, Christchurch, & Wellington and has Associates in Sydney and Melbourne.

Quality Associates International is now a division of Tranzsoft Group Ltd .